Together with our main products as previously described, there is a variety of ancillary and complementary products to our range and the main areas are as follows:-

Adhesives, a complete selection of adhesives for every application including silicate based core glue (with or without a spirit accelerator) hot to hot glues for shell moulding also hot melt and hot melt glue guns for general assembly work.

Exothermic Topping Compounds, a selection of topping compounds to add to the top of open riser sleeves to reduce the possibility of atmospheric chilling and increases the exothermic reaction and feed potential of the sleeve.

Emulsions, Coatings and Release Agents, to insulate and lubricate gravity and pressure dies and assist in mould stripping and core release, which together with our range of core making facilities add together to provide a comprehensive package of foundry consumables.

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